What types of tooth extractions might I require?

BK Dental of Wood Dale and Evanston, Illinois, is committed to providing patients with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures. Dr. Boris Kaltchev also provides tooth extractions. Tooth removal may be needed in several different situations to achieve a healthy mouth.

Types of tooth extractions

There are two primary ways of removing a natural tooth: simple extraction and surgical extraction. Let’s talk about each one and when they might be recommended to a patient:

  • Simple extraction. With a simple extraction, Dr. Kaltchev will be able to remove a natural tooth that is easily accessible. This is done when a tooth has already erupted through the gum line and can be reached with special instruments that wedge the tooth out of the jawbone and socket. Simple extractions can be completed in just a few minutes after administering a local anesthetic, and they typically require less healing time than surgical extractions. It is the most common procedure for teeth that are damaged beyond repair or loose from trauma or infection.
  • Surgical extraction. A surgical extraction is much more invasive and requires accessing the tooth below the gum tissues. This procedure takes longer and requires longer recovery than a simple extraction. Surgical extractions of wisdom teeth are referred to an oral surgeon.

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