How direct resin bonding can repair your teeth and improve your smile

A perfect smile does not come naturally for most patients. This is why Dr. Boris Kaltchev of BK Dental in Wood Dale and Evanston, Illinois, may recommend cosmetic dental services. One treatment used to disguise imperfections quickly and efficiently is with composite resin bonding or direct resin bonding. This method requires very limited to no drilling on the tooth and the composite material is applied directly.

How can direct resin bonding enhance the smile?

Happy Patient and Doctor in Clinic

By using composite resin materials, Dr. Kaltchev and his team can transform your smile. This material is made of a combination of plastic and glass-like particles. It bonds to the teeth, disguising the smile’s imperfections. With this direct resin bonding technique, Dr. Kaltchev can repair chips, lengthen or shorten teeth, close gaps between teeth, replace old silver fillings, and mask discolored teeth.

What to expect from the direct composite bonding process

This technique is a cost-effective way to instantly improve your smile’s look. The procedure is quick and painless, with virtually no preparation time or recovery period. Even though direct composite bonding can be susceptible to chipping, it can last many years with proper care. By maintaining regular evaluations with our team at BK Dental, you can have these restorations checked to ensure they are still bonded effectively. If necessary, they can be easily repaired or replaced.

Enhance your smile with direct composite resin bonding!

A perfect smile is just a phone call away! Dr. Boris Kaltchev is pleased to offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments for patients to consider when rejuvenating the appearance of their smile, and cosmetic bonding is a fast, reliable, and natural-looking way of achieving the results you desire! Call one of our two office locations if you are considering direct composite resin bonding. Call (630) 766-2223 to reach our Wood Dale, IL practice, located at 140 East Commercial Street, or (847) 595-4911 to reach our Evanston, IL practice at 636 Church Street, Suite #304.