How tooth-colored fillings can address areas of decay

Dr. Boris Kaltchev of BK Dental in Wood Dale and Evanston, IL, is a dentist who can assist patients  with cavities to be diagnosed and treated. The earlier a cavity is treated with a filling, the better the outcome. At his practice, he encourages patients to consider the benefits of tooth-colored fillings and explains the advantages they have over silver amalgam fillings.

Why tooth-colored fillings?

White fillings, often referred to as tooth-colored or composite fillings, are used to address areas of tooth decay. Composite fillings are highly durable and natural-looking, creating pleasing aesthetics for the smile. They are also beneficial as they can be used on both back and front teeth. These fillings are made of ceramic fillers and plastic materials that offer a strong bond to the tooth enamel and dentin, providing flexibility similar  to the natural tooth structure.

Tooth Colored Machine

What about silver amalgam fillings?

While silver amalgam fillings have been used to address tooth decay for decades, studies show that these fillings are formulated with up to 50% mercury. Mercury is a toxic substance to the human body and may lead to neurological disorders. These fillings also expand and contract, creating an environment for development of secondary decay.

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