TMJ disorder treatment

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder impacts one’s overall well-being. This dysfunction in the jaw joint can cause problems such as difficulty chewing and talking, pain, migraines, and muscle tension. With a proper diagnosis and the use of orthotic appliances for TMJ pain, many patients in the Wood Dale and Evanston, Illinois, areas have found relief.

Our approach to assisting patients who have been diagnosed with TMJ disorder 

Dr. Boris Kaltchev of BK Dental will fabricate specific custom-made orthotic appliances that you have to wear for a few months. These appliances will reduce and possibly eliminate inflammation in the jaw joints and improve your quality of life.

How do I find out more about TMJ disorder treatments?

Visiting a dentist is the first step in getting a diagnosis and discussing possible treatment options. If you live in or around the Wood Dale or Evanston, Illinois, communities and want to talk to Dr. Kaltchev about treatment options, call one of our two office locations to request an appointment. Our Wood Dale, IL, practice can be reached at (630) 766-2223, and our Evanston, IL, practice can be reached at (630) 766-2223.